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Meet the 

Filtration Solutions Inc. Team


Mr. Jen’s responsibilities at FSI include filtration system development, company administration, and strategic planning. He increased the value of the company from a technical services provider to an equipment/system producer with product lines for fuel and oil purification, water and wastewater treatment. He is a Principal Investigator for U.S. government sponsored Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and other projects with technologies commercialized through SBIRs to include pre-filtration for reverse osmosis, coolant recycling and fuel purification. He has also worked as an expert witness providing his expertise in filtration areas in several legal cases.

Chang-Wei Jen, P.E.

President and Technical Director

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As a senior mechanical engineer, Mr. Montfort has more than 35 years of diverse experience in various aspects of process equipment. He has worked as lead project engineer for major pollution control and air scrubber manufactures such as DuPont Belco and Procedyne Corp. He has conducted detailed design and manufacture of catalyst activators, fluidized bed reactors, gas-solids processing, fluid bed dryers and pressure vessels. At FSI, Mr. Montford is responsible for design and fabrication of filtration test setups and prototypes for various R & D projects.

Thierry (Terry) Montfort, PE

Senior Engineer

Mr. Ardizzone is a member of the Advisory Board of Filtration Solutions, Inc. He has over 40 years’ experience with turbomachinery and works directly with the President to commercialize proprietary and patented membrane filtration technologies. He provides engineering and administrative services to achieve compliance to industry standards, regulations, and contract requirements. He conducts design reviews and provides recommendations to the Principal Engineer to achieve desired mechanical design outcomes.

Vincent Ardizzone, 

General Manager and Senior Engineer

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Mr. Shah is a Research Engineer responsible for various filtration R&D projects at FSI. He works with various lab apparatus and analytical instruments to carry out tests required for the research and development of filtration technology. He also works in the field to identify and configure filtration processes desired for several projects and customers.

Neil Shah, 

Research Engineer 

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Dr. Chao is a chemical engineer responsible for filtration R&D projects and large filtration system design. He works closely with sales and field engineers to identify filtration applications and configure desirable filtration processes for customized solutions. He designs lab apparatus for filter media testing to include all protocols to characterize parameters such as permeability, porosity, bubble point, and surface properties.

John Chao, Ph.D.

Engineering Manager

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