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Wastewater Recycling System

FSI offers both microfiltration and ultra-filtration systems for wastewater treatment. The WRS filtration system is designed to treat oily wastewater and process fluids. The system produces clean water that is typically suitable for reuse or discharge, while concentrating organic and inorganic contaminants down to less than 10% of the original waste volume. This meticulously designed system exhibits the flexibility to handle a wide array of waste feeds including both free and emulsified oils. These systems are designed to treat/recycle wastewater from various sources such as rinse, process, and wash water to comply with local discharge regulations and RCRA requirements or to be recycled for maximum savings. 

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There are two major cornerstones in FSI’s WRS Wastewater Recycling System for oily wastewater recycling applications. The first key development is the integration of FSI’s process knowledge into pre-packaged systems targeted specifically at recycling applications. A full range of systems have been engineered and sized to fit the most common washer sumps (50 to 10,000 gallons). 

The second and most important key to the success of these recycling systems is the application of hydrophilic membranes which are highly resistant to fouling by both tramp and emulsified oils. The membranes come with a spiral wound and a hollow fiber configurations. In addition, the pore size and morphology of the membranes have been designed to ensure complete passage of recycled components (e.g. water and cleaners) while retaining greater than 99.9% of the oils. All these robust properties allow FSI’s membrane to successfully endure the harsh process environment of parts washing facilities. 

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Don't Waste Another Gallon

Standard and customized WRS Systems are available in various frames and sizes as listed below:

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Skid Mounted


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