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FPS - Fuel Purification System 

  • The FPS Series of fuel purification systems addresses both particulate and water removal.

  • The system features a first stage, large absolute rated micro-glass coreless filter element for maximized particulate removal.

  • The second stage is a filter/separator coalescing vessel to remove free and emulsified water droplets.

  • The design balances high surface area and depth filtration to maximize filter life which reduces filtration costs

Standard Features

          150# R.F. flanged inlet/outlet connections                                                            Manual water drain valves

          Isolation valves                                                                                                        Automatic air release valves

          Skid with drip lip                                                                                                      Inlet/Outlet sample ports

          ASME code epoxy painted carbon steel vessels                                                 Mechanical housing lid lifting

          Swing bolt housing closures and lid lifting                                                            Pressure relief valves

          Step ladder and walk way                                                                                      Water sight gauge


EI 1581 Solids Separation Qualification
EI1581 Pre-Filter Cartridge
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