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Filtration Solutions Inc.

We are dedicated to properly investigate your problem before we consider a solution and we will make certain our offer is a best fit for your needs. We will work with you to understand your objectives, constraints and any unique requirements that must be satisfied. We will ask specific questions about the conditions of your application. If necessary, we will suggest laboratory sample testing, demo or pilot testing to clarify the problem(s), as well as characterize the unit selection or system customization. Our offer will be efficient, cost effective and a best match for your conditions, whether it is one of our standard filtration units or a customized system. If another technology is the right choice for you to consider, we will fully inform you.

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Our engineers bring a diversity of technology experience to each problem. Solutions are tailored to our clients’ needs. Membrane selection is critical for performance efficiency and durability. The right pre-treatment, materials of construction and proper handling, installation, ease of operation and maintenance are all considered.  

FSI was established in 2000 as a technology driven company specializing in membrane filtration R&D. For much of our early years, FSI worked with market leaders to develop new membranes for challenging problems, engineering commercial filtration systems for various applications and providing consulting services in liquid filtration.  We remain involved with all aspects of the technologies employed in filtration solutions from R&D, design, prototype testing, manufacturing, installation, service and aftermarket support throughout the entire life-cycle of the system. We follow new developments in the technology as well as continue with our own research. We partner with technology leaders and will advise you if a new technology comes on the market that would be practical for you to consider as a solution to your specific application needs or as an upgrade to your current system.

Our engineers are degreed in science and engineering disciplines and have worked with the U.S. Department of Defense, Municipal, Marine, Power, Oil & Gas, Chemical and Process Industries.

Our research and expertise in filter-separation technology is focused on practical and affordable solutions for process fluids, fuel filtration and separation, oily-water separation, solvent, alkaline cleaner, machining fluids (coolant recycling), and wastewater treatment and recycling. We offer filters and filtration systems with the latest membrane separation technology providing improvement in flux rate, separation efficiency, fouling resistance, and chemical and physical robustness. We have six patents in filtration related areas and have published more than fifteen technical papers, making numerous presentations to professional and business conferences. Realizing that a single technology does not solve the needs of all applications, we developed integrated systems employing various filtration technologies; for example, ozone oxidation and centrifuges can be a part of some systems. With experience in all effective separation methods, both conventional and innovative, we can offer our clients the technology(ies) best suited for their applications, without bias.

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