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Hollow Fiber Membranes

The HP Series filter elements offered by FSI are composed of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) membrane in a hollow fiber configuration. PAN is an intrinsic hydrophilic material, which makes the membrane prefer binding to water over oil and other contaminants. This characteristic makes the membrane resistant to fouling by tramp oils and highly concentrated oily emulsions. Hollow fiber membranes are not only structurally stronger than conventional sheet membranes, they have a high packing density, which provides a compact, cost-effective solution for filtration requiring less space and less energy. All these advantages make FSI’s filter element highly suitable for Oily Wastewater Recycling. For extremely challenged oily wastewater applications, FSI offers a PAN membrane with a special surface treatment to achieve Super Hydrophilic Membranes properties for ultimate fouling-resistance.

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