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Innovative Filtration Technology for Water/Wastewater Applications

Coiled Membrane Filter

  • Coiled Membrane Filter (CMF) is an advanced, robust, and simple Ultra filtration/Micro filtration Technology.

  • CMFs are constructed using hollow fibers or tubular membrane filters.

  • They are cost effective for removing high concentrations of sub-micron particles from water (up to 5% by weight) for industrial and municipal applications.

The Technology

Dean Flow.png
  • Secondary flow vortices, i.e. Dean Flow, is produced in the CMF.

  • The sheer force of the vortices prevents contaminants from adsorbing to the membrane wall.

  • Flow trajectory creates a rapid mixing between the boundary layer and bulk phase, which provides an efficient mass transfer to minimize membrane surface fouling.

  • Self-cleaning mechanism results in enhanced flux rate, longer membrane service life and reduced energy footprint.

Advantages and Benefits

Coiled Membrane Filter

         Compact e.g. 3.5" * 6.5" CMF vs.           72" long conventional filter

         Dean flow permits effective                   cleaning

         Union connection - allowing                   quick and easy replacement to             the manifold

Unhoused Module Housing

         Simplified design - allows filters                 to be mounted under a tank cover

         Cost savings - saves piping,                       fittings and housing costs

         Modular design - facilitating                       system scale-up or scale-down

Advanced Membranes 

         Producing high quality effluent that           has SDI < 3

         Highly hydrophilic - suitable for                  water applications

         Robust - seven bore design                       providing high mechanical strength

Performance Comparison 

Coiled Membrane Filter vs. Straight Membrane Filter

Test 6 - permeability.png
Table for the Chart.png
  • CMFs outperform other MF/UF OEMs with superior technology enabling smarter design to address the most challenging process and energy needs.

  • CMFs minimize maintenance and operating costs while enhancing the flux rate, thus reducing life cycle cost. Flux is doubled/consumed energy is halved compared to a conventional filter based on side-by-side testing. 

More Applications

The Waste Water Treatment System employs CMF to achieve an effective filtration. Some major applications includes:

  • Cooling tower blowdown water

  • Heavy metal removal

  • Mop water

  • Semiconductor and photovoltaic wastes

  • Fluoride and high solids removal

  • Tumbler deburring slurries

Check out the videos for more details:

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