Filtration Solutions


Evolution of FSI's Dean Flow Filter


The picture on the left illustrates the innovated filtration technology developed by Filtration Solutions, Inc. This technology takes advantage of a secondary flow called Dean Flow to significantly enhance filtration performance. Dean Flow is generated when a flow passes through a curved flow path and in a double-vortex form. The high shear and rapid mixing motion of the flow prevent contaminants from fouling the membrane surface. This self-cleaning mechanism results in an improved flux rate, longer membrane service life, and reduced energy footprint. To demonstrate the power of Dean Flow, the flow guide in the top 1/3 of the setup was removed. Because of that, a deposit layer can be clearly seen on the surface and the lower 2/3 of the test filter was kept clean due to the Dean Flow effect. This test filter was tested in diesel fuel.


Based on its success, a second-generation filter, Coiled Membrane Filter (CMF), was developed.  With either hollow fiber membrane or tubular membrane (depending on the application) to be used for CMF, a greater membrane surface area can be packed into a given volume compared to the first-generation filter and yet the power of Dean Flow remains. 

1st and 2nd Generation Dean Flow Filter.