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Fuel/Solvent Purification

Solids and water are contaminants commonly found in Diesel fuel. Solids may come as a result of the inherent instability of diesel fuel, the natural process of degradation, or incidental invasion during transportation, etc. Water may get into fuel systems through natural condensation, poor handling during shipping, or could simply be present in the storage tank, etc. Regardless of the source of contaminants, it is common practice to provide a fuel purification system at the point of use. Maintaining the quality of the fuel protects the capital equipment and prevents unplanned downtime in plants. Both could be costly. Based on the fuel purification technologies developed for the Navy shipboard application as well as the Army HMMWV application, FSI has established two fuel purification product lines: FRS and FPS. With respect to the specific needs of our customers, FSI will come up with the best solution to meet fuel quality requirements using either system. Whenever helpful, our lab can test your samples or we can provide a demo unit for field testing.

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