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Comparison of Coiled Membrane Filter vs.

COTS Membrane Filter


Coiled Membrane Filter (CMF), a highly effective filter developed by Filtration Solutions, Inc. (FSI), was tested side-by-side with a conventional commercial-off-the shelf (COTS) filter for direct performance comparison. Besides experiencing the same surface water for testing, both filters had the same membrane areas and test setup.  As shown in the test results, the flux rate of the CMF can be more than double the flux rate of the SMF. Check out this link to see how the deposit layer of the CMF is controlled by a flow-induced self-cleaning mechanism to achieve the enhanced flux rate. Besides the obvious size advantage, the CMF does not require a housing, allowing it to be mounted inside a tank. These features not only greatly simplify the filter arrangement, but also save lots of money and weight. These advantages allow the CMF to yield the most cost-effective filtration system to remove high concentrations of submicron solids for water and wastewater applications.

CMF and COTS element comparison.jpg
CMF vs COTS Comparison Chart.png
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