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WRS - Wastewater Recycling System

The Right System For Wastewater Filtration Problems

FSI offers both microfiltration and ultra-filtration systems for wastewater treatment. The WRS filtration system is designed to treat oily wastewater and process fluids. The system produces clean water that is typically suitable for reuse or discharge, while concentrating organic and inorganic contaminants down to less than 10% of the original waste volume. This meticulously designed system exhibits the flexibility to handle a wide array of waste feeds including both free and emulsified oils. These systems are designed to treat/recycle wastewater from various sources such as rinse, process, and wash water to comply with EPA and RCRA requirements or to be recycled for maximum savings. The filtrate from FSI's shipboard filtration system meets the discharge effluent quality requirements set by the UNDS.

Suitable Applications Include:

  • General oily wastewater minimization
  • Rinse or washdown water recycling
  • Dye and pigment wastewater treatment
  • Scrubbing water or mop water recycling
  • Bilge water treatment
  • Cooling tower water recycling
  • Grey & black water recycling
  • Food process wastewater treatment

Large Capacity Filtration System



Super Hydrophilic Membrane

  • Resists oil fouling
  • Handles up to 60% free oil
  • Provides high/stable output over the life of the membrane

Solvent Resistant Membrane

Compatible with most hydrocarbons, free oils, acids, and the expansive class of polar organic solvents used in many industrial plants, the Super Hydrophilic membrane can operate at temperatures up to 170 F and is stable through a broad pH range from 2 to 12

Specially Designed Membrane for Parts Washing Applications

  • Reduces cleaner usage up to 85%
  • Improves cleaning quality
  • Reduces rework

Automated Operation & Cleaning

  • Reduces maintenance
  • Monitors system performance automatically
  • Washes membrane automatically

High Performance Self-Contained Design

  • Easy to install
  • Simple operation

Portable System

Capable of operating from a standard 55 gallon drum at point of use

Reduces Wastewater Volume by 90%-98%

Keeps waste hauling charges down

Reduce Waste Volume by 90-98%

FSI's WRS Systems (with processing capacities from 50 gallons to over 500,000 gallons per day) are designed for treating end-of-pipe oily wastewater streams. They reduce the volume of wastewater to be hauled or treated in-house with expensive chemicals and labor by 90-98%. Industrial wastewaters, containing varying levels of oil and grease from machine coolants, tramp oils, wash water and mop water, must have the oils removed before being sewered. With FSI's WRS Systems, oil and suspended solids are concentrated by the Superphilic ultra-filtration cartridge, producing filtrate (permeate) that can meet or exceed all government sewer requirements for oil and grease levels or can be recycled for maximum savings. The Superphilic membrane's ability to handle high levels of 'free' and emulsified oils is especially important in waste minimization applications since it allows FSI's WRS Systems to withstand widely varying feed changes which would foul most competitive systems. Users who have experienced problems with other membrane systems will recognize the importance of handling such system upsets. FSI also supplies a variety of post-treatment technologies for those applications that require high purity recycled water. For challenging fluids, such as those found in high solids content or colloidal solids applications, FSI's patented CCDB microfiltration system can be used as a prefilter before the WRS.


Fully Automated and Easy to Use

WRS Systems also come complete with an on-board computer and an array of controls for maximum labor efficiency. Systems maintain themselves by activating an automatic wash cycle at the end of the batch-down process or at a set point in a continuous processing configuration. This high level of automation saves labor and allows the systems to be used safely through the night or weekend for maximum throughput. In addition, the automatic wash cycle assures proper system maintenance for long term, trouble-free operation. For the budget conscious customer, FSI also offers a full line of manual systems.

Pays For Itself In Months!

The WRS System's ability to reduce waste volume by more than 90% yields an equivalent savings in the volume of waste being hauled or treated. Typical payback can be achieved in well under 12 months and, with the system's low annual operating cost, users can achieve meaningful savings from the very first day of operation.

A typical flow diagram for FSI's oily wastewater recycling system is shown below:

Typical Flow Diagram for FSI's oily wastewater recycling system

Standard Systems

Filtration Solutions, Inc. offers the following standard wastewater recycling filtration systems with automatic or manual controls. FSI also provides customized filtration systems to meet the specific needs of our customers.






50 Gallons/Day


3000 Gallons/Day


150 Gallons/Day


4500 Gallons/Day


300 Gallons/Day


6000 Gallons/Day


750 Gallons/Day


9000 Gallons/Day


1500 Gallons/Day


15000 Gallons/Day

WRS Filtration Systems Save You Money!

  • Minimize disposal costs and labor
  • Reduce rework costs and improve process fluid quality
  • Systems pay for themselves in months, not years

Wastewater Minimization

Aqueous Cleaner Recycling


750 Gallons/Day

500 Gallon Washer

Typical Annual Cost to Haul/Treat



Expected Annual Cost to Haul/Treat After WRS



Typical Annual Cleaner Cost without WRS


Typical Annual WRS Operating Cost



Typical Net Annual Cost Savings From WRS