Filtration Solutions, Inc.

ORS - Oil Recycling System

Solve Oil Filtration Problems!

FSI's Oil Recycling Systems (ORS) remove free water, emulsified water and dirt from hydraulic oils. Unlike traditional coalescing oil filters, our systems can handle water content up to 30% in oil and they output clean oil with less than 50 ppm free water and 0.2 ppm suspended solids.

Suitable Applications Include:

  • Hydraulic oil and lube filtration
  • Turbine oil filtration
  • Cooling oil purification and recycling
  • Purification of oil refinery products
  • Hydrocarbon solvent purification and recycling
  • Special applications: recycling of high viscosity hydraulic oils such as 2190-TEP (EP Oil 78) and 2075-T-H (ISO 32)




Membrane Separation Technology

  • Removes suspended solids, emulsified and free water, and bacteria with a single pass
  • Performance is not compromised by oil additives
  • Performance is not affected by idle time or dried out filters
  • Provides high/stable output over the life of the membrane

Oil Resistant Membrane

Compatible with most hydrocarbons, free oils, acids, and the expansive class of polar organic solvents used in many industrial plants, the Super Hydrophilic membrane can operate at temperatures up to 170 F and is stable through a broad pH range from 2 to 13

Cross Flow Filter Design

Handles higher solids content and minimizes filter fouling

Portable System

Able to be moved from one location to another in order to recondition multiple tanks/batches

Automated Operation

  • Reduces maintenance
  • Monitors system performance automatically

Significant Operational Cost Savings

  • Reduces coolant usage up to 95%
  • Improves machine parts quality and reduces parts rework
  • Reduces tooling costs

Reduces Waste Oil Volume by 95%

Keeps waste hauling charges down

Proven Results!

FSI's oil recycling filtration systems employ a patented, advanced membrane separation technology to remove water and dirt to achieve exceptional oil filtration.

Standard Systems

Filtration Solutions, Inc. offers the following standard coolant recycling systems with automatic or manual controls. FSI also provides customized filtration systems to meet the specific needs of our customers.






2 Gallons/Hour


45 Gallons/Hour


4 Gallons/Hour


60 Gallons/Hour


15 Gallons/Hour


120 Gallons/Hour


30 Gallons/Hour


200 Gallons/Hour